How to spend 2 days in Sapa? “The queen of mountains” is famous for its huge mountain ranges and valleys, vast rice terraces and cultural diversity of ethnic minorities.

If you have a tight schedule and can only stay in 2 days in Sapa, our article will help suggest places and activities that you should not miss on your 2 days in Sapa.

How to go to Sapa?

Sapa is considered a popular tourist destination in Northern Vietnam, but there is no airport near this place. On your 2 days in Sapa, you can get there by train, bus, car, and motorbike. Indeed, the roads are modern and easy to for you to travel by all vehicles.

By train

2 days in sapa

A train to Sapa

The easiest, most convenient and most popular way to get to Sapa in Vietnam is to take the train. It is also easy to book trains from Hanoi to Lao Cai area, regardless of daytime or nighttime. There are three night trains that depart from Hanoi’s main train station every evening at 8:35 PM (SP7), 9:10 PM (SP1) and 9:50 PM (SP3).

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However, with a duration of 8 hours and 20 minutes, these night trains only take you to Lao Cai station to make the transfer to Sapa. Therefore, you have to take a Lao Cai – Sapa bus route at 50 000VND / person for the distance of 38km. You can also buy tickets directly at the station or book in advance for your 2 days in Sapa.

By bus

Another option for transportation to Sapa is to take the bus. With the opening of Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, the bus journey takes only 6 hours, a little less than the train ride. Another advantage of traveling by bus on your 2 days in Sapa is that buses go directly to Sapa without stopping at Lao Cai station.

You can book bus tickets online from several bus companies from Hanoi to Sapa. You can take a look at Eco Sapa, Good Morning Sapa, Hung Thanh, Hason, Haivan, and Inter Bus Line.

By car

On your 2 days in Sapa, you can rent a car in Vietnam with a driver to travel at your own leisure. The price of booking a private car is not fixed because it depends on the quality of the car. You had better contact a travel agency in Vietnam for more information before your trip.

On a motorcycle

You can rent a motorbike from Hanoi to go to Sapa. The road between Hanoi and Sapa is relatively good but it is not recommended to drive directly to Sapa from Hanoi by motorbike for your safety. Besides, the journey time will be much longer, about 10 hours. You may get tired and time-consuming if you make this risky decision. However, every year, there are still a lot of tourists visiting Sapa by this method to gain more experience during the tour to Northern Vietnam.

Where to stay for 2 days in Sapa?

Sapa is a great place to relax and enjoy your time with the beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. We offer you a list of some hotels in Sapa that are most chosen by tourists:

Inside of a cozy hotel in Sapa

Inside of a cozy hotel in Sapa

  • Victoria Sapa – 4 *
  • Sapa Highland Resort & Spa – 4 *
  • Silk Path Garden Resort & Spa – 4 *
  • Chau Long Sapa Hotel – 4 *
  • Sapa Dragon Hotel – 3 *
  • Topas Ecolodge – 3 *
  • Sapa Panorama – 3 *

Suggestions for itineraries for 2 days in Sapa

If you are in love with the mountainous nature and always curious about the culture of the Vietnamese ethnic minorities, Sapa is undoubtedly an ideal place for your Vietnam discovery tour. There are many options available for your 2 days in Sapa. You can visit villages of ethnic minorities, stroll through the rice terraces, go on a trek of 2 or 3 days in the surrounding valleys,…

Itinerary 1: Easy trekking in Sapa 2 days / 3 nights

  • Day 1: Lao Cai – Sapa – Cat Cat – Sapa

Cat Cat Village

Marvelous scenery of Cat Cat Village

Marvelous scenery of Cat Cat Village

Nestled in a beautiful valley about 3 km from Sapa, the village of Cat Cat is home to black H’ mong. The road to this town is very suitable for trekking enthusiasts because it is only 20 to 30 minutes to walk from the center of Sapa. The village of Cat Cat gives tourists many interesting experiences such as exploring local ethnic life, with its richness, secrets, and complexity. On your 2 days in Sapa, while visiting the village of Cat Cat, you can also buy souvenirs or taste the local cuisine.

Entrance fee: 50,000 dong / person

  • Day 2: Sapa – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Lao Cai

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai Town

Lao Chai Town

Located 7-8 km Southeast of the city of Sapa, hidden in the Muong Hoa Valley, the village of Lao Chai is home to the black H’ mong and Giay. This town offers you breathtaking views and welcoming locals who help you enrich your knowledge about their unique culture and customs. You can have a chance to participate in some daily activities including weaving fabrics. You should spend time discovering this special village on your 2 days in Sapa.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village

Located 4 km from Lao Chai, the destination with its old rattan and wooden bridge, is a place where many Vietnamese ethnic minorities gather and live together. On 2 days in Sapa, by visiting the village, tourists can also admire the natural landscapes, experience homestay services and enjoy traditional dishes.

Itinerary 2: Authentic trip to Sapa 2 days / 3 nights

  • Day 1: Lao Cai – Can Cau – Bac Ha (Homestay at night)

In the local economy, weekly markets play a very important role in the economic as well as social and cultural exchanges of ethnic groups. Here are the markets that you cannot miss on your 2 days in Sapa:

Can Cau Market

can cau market

Can Cau Market of Sapa

The area is a rural ethnic market that is held every Saturday morning. It starts early (around 7:30 AM) and closes early as well in the afternoon. This is a colorful and lively market where you will meet a lot of ethnic minority groups such as Flowered H’ mongs, Black Dao, Phu La,… in their traditional colorful clothes. Visiting the market of Can Cau is a unique experience to discover the flowering H’ mong culture on your 2 days in Sapa.

  • Day 2: Bac Ha – Sapa – Lao Chai

Bac Ha Market

Local women gathering at Bac Ha Market

Local women gathering at Bac Ha Market

This largest market in North West Vietnam takes place every Sunday. Minority locals such as Red Hmong, Black Dao, Tay, Nung, La Chi, Phu La, and other minority groups descend from the mountain to the Bac Ha market to buy and sell a wide variety of goods. They also come here to livestock, exchange news and meet friends. This unique and familiar culture attracts so many tourists on 2 days in Sapa.

What to buy for 2 days in Sapa?


Sapa is famous for its colorful crafts, especially brocades. You should take a look at local markets in Sapa and admire many brocades of various shapes and sizes such as scarves, handbags, bags, clothes, dresses,… These items symbolize not only the unique culture and tradition but also the beauty inside minority peoples’ soul that you cannot find anywhere else on your 2 days in Sapa.

Medicinal herbs

You can find a large number of valuable medicinal herbs that stay fresh or dried on your 2 days in Sapa. With many health benefits, medicinal herbs are appreciated by tourists.

Local fruits

Sapa enjoys not only spectacular scenery but also ideal and favorable weather conditions for tropical fruits. The two most popular fruits in Sapa are peach and pear, and so juicy that you will make up your mind to bring some back home as special souvenirs on your 2 days in Sapa.

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Tips for traveling for 2 days in Sapa

– You had better ask for permission before taking the pictures.

– Avoid over-bargaining, ethnic minorities’ livelihoods in Sapa enormously depend on tourism.

– Avoid making too much noise and walking bare-chested on your hike. This can be perceived as disrespectful.

– Do not forget to bring warm clothes along with you, especially during the winter months (December and January). On this period, temperatures can drop below zero in the night.

Hopefully, our suggested itineraries will help you make your 2 days in Sapa as enjoyable as possible. Customize your Vietnam tour so that we can help create your unforgettable memories in the beautiful S-shaped country!

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