Have you always dreamed of discovering Vietnam at your own pace? Let’s ride a bike! Do not miss a chance to shape your bike trip according to your desires and your pace around the most emblematic sites in Vietnam will help you explore the alleys, the villages and meet the friendly locals. On your Vietnam tour, this type of tourism can also allow you to have a positive impact on responsible tourism. Indeed, there are many perfect destinations for cycling in Vietnam, let’s take a look!

Best places for cycling in Vietnam:

  • Hanoi, the capital
  • Sapa
  • Mai Chau Valley
  • Ninh Binh
  • Ha Giang
  • Hue
  • Hoi An
  • Mekong Delta

1. Hanoi

Being an excellent starting or ending point for any trip to Vietnam, Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is one of the ideal cycling destinations. Needless to say, a bike ride in Hanoi will give you a different experience!

Best Places for Cycling in Vietnam

Cycling in the sunset at West Lake, Hanoi

When to cycle in Hanoi?

Choose the quietest hours if you want to pedal in ideal conditions: early in the morning, mid-afternoon and late evening, especially on Sundays.

Best places for cycling in Hanoi

The Ba Dinh district

It is the greenest district of the capital. It houses the country’s largest political buildings: the National Assembly, the Presidential Palace, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Also, its sidewalks are wide and conducive to safe cycling trips.

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West Lake

It is certainly the most pleasant area around the lake to cycle in Hanoi! About 20 km long, the shores of West Lake offer you quiet corners, bordered by opulent buildings and villas, with various interesting cafes and restaurants.

The Old Quarter

A bike ride is an ideal opportunity to discover the streets in the Old Quarter, to take in the atmosphere, to admire the old decrepit facades, its monuments, etc. Almost all of the streets can be suitable for bicycles, but you must be careful with the heavy traffic of motorized vehicles, as well as pedestrians.

Hoan Kiem Lake

You can cycle around Hoan Kiem Lake, now fully pedestrian on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Long Bien Bridge

Pedaling on a very old railway bridge of over a hundred years old will be one of the unforgettable experiences during your Hanoi city tour. It is a good idea to have a stroll with a total length of 1,680 m and take advantage of the enchanting landscaped surroundings on a bicycle.

Practical information

  • Rental of all-terrain vehicles: $1/ day.
  • Electric bike rental: $1/ 2 hours.
  • Rental location: Lang Ha, Cau Giay, Hoang Hoa Tham, Hang Dieu, Long Bien, etc.

Suggested routes to explore Hanoi when cycling in Vietnam

  • Old Quarter – Hoang Dieu Street – Thanh Nien Street – West Lake
  • Long Bien Bridge – West Lake – Old Quarter

In addition, going out of Hanoi by bike is a good idea because there are many more attractions in the suburbs of Hanoi. The most popular options are half-day or day trips to the ancient village of Duong Lam or to the ceramic village of Bat Trang.

2. Sapa

With the breathtaking magnificent landscapes, Sapa is the perfect place for nature lovers. The natural landscape provides the perfect terrain for mountain biking as well as other outdoor activities. By cycling to descend from valleys or ethnic villages, visitors have the opportunity to meet the ethnic minority communities in Sapa.

Best places for cycling in Sapa

Village of Cat Cat

Nestled in a beautiful valley about three km from the village of Sa Pa, the village of Cat Cat is home to black H’ mong people with unique customs. The road to the village of Cat Cat is very interesting for lovers of trekking and cycling.

Lao Chai Village

Located 7-8 km southeast of the town of Sapa, hidden in the Muong Hoa Valley, the village of Lao Chai is home to the Black H’mong and Giay. Offering breathtaking views and welcoming locals who will help you get to know their particular culture and customs better.

3. Mai Chau

This site is located in the mountainous region of Hoa Binh province. Mai Chau is renowned for its colorful ethnic markets, friendly inhabitants, peaceful atmosphere and magnificent landscapes. It is one of the ideal destinations for cycling during your tour to Northern Vietnam.

Mai Chau and its surroundings are particularly suitable for a bike ride which will give you the opportunity to admire the beauty, enjoy the calm and observe the country’s life of Mai Chau.

Best places for cycling in Mai Chau

We recommend that you choose one of these two villages for your bike tour:

Lac Village

It seduces tourists not only by the rustic beauty of the mountains, by the sweetness of the girls in the highlands, but also by the warm hearts of the inhabitants. This has become an ideal destination for all those seeking tranquility away from urban luxury.

Pom Coong Village

Located just 1 km from the village of Lac, this village represents Thai ethnic culture. Its natural breath-taking landscapes will bring you a romantic experience. Be sure to take photos of this beautiful landscape and head to a brocade store.

4. Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is one of the best cycling destinations in Vietnam. Between the imposing limestone mountains, you will find valleys and main attractions.

Riding a bicycle in Ninh Binh takes you through beautiful rice fields, small rivers, huge limestone cliffs and buffaloes and goats walking freely on the roads. On the bike path, you will find many restaurants, so it’s easy to have lunch on the way or relax.

Renting a bike in Ninh Binh is easy and cheap. Most hotels, resorts and host families rent them free of charge to their customers.

Cycling on poetic roads in Ninh Binh

Cycling on poetic roads in Ninh Binh

Best places for cycling in Ninh Binh and the distance

From/ ToTam CocBich Dong PagodaMua CaveThung NhamTrang AnHoa Lu
Tam CocX2.8 km5 km7 km8 km15 km
Bich Dong Pagoda2.8 kmX8 km5 km14 km18 km
Mua Cave5 km8 kmX12 km4 km9 km
Thung Nham7 km5 km12 kmX18 km23 km
Trang An8 km14 km4 km18 kmX5 km
Hoa Lu15 km18 km9 km23 km5 kmX

5. Ha Giang

Located 300 km from Hanoi in northern Vietnam, Ha Giang Province is one of the most adventurous destinations in the country. Filled with superb limestone karsts, steep passes, winding roads and foggy villages, Ha Giang is one of the best places to pedal in Vietnam although the road is not in good condition, sometimes muddy and bumpy.

Best places for cycling in Ha Giang

Quan Ba

With its lovely nickname of “Dalat” in Northern Vietnam, Quan Ba ​​is an interesting destination for those who like to travel and discover the wild beauty of nature.

Yen Minh

Located about 100 km northeast of the town of Ha Giang, Yen Minh is famous for its pine forest. You should not miss a chance to visit this stunning forest by bike, enjoy the cool air and pick sweet fruits on your own.

Dong Van Town

Nestled in the middle of the valley with four rocky mountains, the old town of Dong Van is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang.

Meo Vac Town

When cycling here, you can admire a magnificent space and discover the unique cultural colors of the ethnic groups.

6. Hue

With favorable and ideal features, Hue is one of the best cities for cycling. Other major cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are sometimes full of seemingly endless vehicles and many means of transportation. But Hue does not seem to be in a rush with a small number of vehicles. In Hue, you can feel the slower pace of life when pedaling around town.

Besides, Hue is surrounded by the elaborate and beautiful tombs of its former rulers, making it the ideal place to get out of the city and explore the countryside on two wheels. During the journey, several visit stops are planned to discover local everyday life and to interact with the locals.

Best places for cycling in Hue

The village of Thuy Bieu

This is an ancient village located along the bank upstream of the Perfume River. In Thuy Bieu, you can participate in the cooking class, discover the life of the locals or enjoy an excellent herbal massage.

Along the Huong River (Perfume River)

This beautiful river flows through the center of Hue and is renowned for its poetic beauty. The Huong River has two large branches from the Truong Son mountain range. It is 100 km long, which is very ideal for cycling in Vietnam.

7. Hoi An

A romantic cycling around Hoi An's Ancient Town

A romantic cycling around Hoi An’s Ancient Town

Located between beautiful white sand beaches and the Thu Bon River, Hoi An is the perfect place to jump by bike and pedal around town. The picturesque old quarter of the city center is very suitable for cyclists.

When you arrive in Hoi An, you will see bikes everywhere. Biking is a popular mode of transportation for tourists wishing to explore Hoi An and locals to get around. The majority of hostels and hotels will have bikes that can be rented for free or for a small fee, usually less than $1 per day. They can also be hired in countless places around the city.

There are many different places to cycle in Hoi An, both in and out of town. If you want a relaxing morning or afternoon stroll, look no further than Hoi An’s Old Town. Some of the best places to visit in Hoi An are Cam Kim Island, the plant village of Tra Que with its surrounding rice fields, and the beautiful beaches.

8. Mekong Delta

Thanks to huge trail systems, unique trails that crisscross flat land, rice fields, orchards, forest and huge water transportation, the Mekong Delta is a fantastic place for a Vietnam family tour while traveling in an environmentally sustainable way. Also, this region is one of the perfect destinations for all cyclists of different levels when cycling in Vietnam. You can join bike tours without worry. Travelers can organize bike tours across the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City. If time permits, you can even travel to Cambodia and continue your bike tour in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. With a bike, you will have a great day to see the region and local life.

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