As a means of hunting for indigenous people in the subarctic region, kayaking has now become an experienced and engaging sport activity for tourists on Vietnam tours. Also by the diversity, suitable for many situations that kayak conquers players by very different emotions. You can surf the paddle gently, relax on the peaceful river, explore the country to conquer the wild and interesting nature. Kayaking is developed as a type of tourism combining sports activities with a lot of interesting places for kayaking in Vietnam. In fact, discovering a tourist destination through sports activities always brings positive effects.

1. Halong Bay (Quang Ninh)

Kayaking at Halong Bay - an amazing experience to try!

Kayaking at Halong Bay – an amazing experience to try!

This destination was voted as one of the top 25 kayaking destinations in the world by the prestigious National Geographic magazine (USA) and the top destination for kayak enthusiasts around the world by Wanderlust (United Kingdom). Halong is also one of the best places for kayaking in Vietnam.

Surrounded by a natural green color of more than 1,600 large and small islands, Ha Long Bay is famous for its calm, clear water, limestone mountains towering among the vast waves of water, including many islands with texture and underground cave inside. If you want to touch the quiet natural beauty of Ha Long, go kayaking!

You can kayak to access and explore the magical lakes, as well as limestone stalactites for millions of years of Heaven cave, Surprise cave, Bo Nau cave, Luon cave, etc.

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Price: 40,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

2. Lan Ha Bay (Quang Ninh)

It is located around Cat Ba Island of Hai Phong, adjacent to Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay covers an area of ​​more than 7000 hectares, including a relatively unspoiled archipelago with about 400 large and small islands, creating a huge magical landscape picture.

The water surface is also quite suitable for kayaking. The scenery here is not inferior to Halong Bay but is more deserted because there is still little exploitation.

Price: 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

3. Chay River (Phong Nha – Ke Bang)

On your Northern Vietnam tour, kayaking on the Chay River brings you into a peaceful, romantic flow with turquoise blue watercolor and ancient Karst towers. The two sides of the river are stretches of corn fields creating a charming picture of marine life.

Emerald water on Chay river will blow your mind with kayaking

Emerald water on Chay river will blow your mind with kayaking

The river is nestled under majestic limestone mountains, quietly flowing by the ancient trees, then throws itself through the cornfields on the deep green. Chay River has a depth of up to 20m. On the two sides are the corn fields stretching to create a charming picture. When sailing along the Chay River, you will feel the smooth, romantic flow with emerald-blue water and magnificent ancient Karst towers.

Price: 450,000 VND/ adult and 150,000 VND/ child.

4. Hoa Binh Hydroelectricity Lake (Hoa Binh)

Hoa Binh lake has a length of 70km, with 47 large and small islands. Here, you will get immersed in the quiet space of this charming and peaceful river. In particular, you can also explore and try thrilling games with kayaking on the lake.

The lake has become a quite suitable area for kayaking besides other water sports for your beach vacation in Vietnam. Besides exploring the islands and majestic scenery of the Da River, you can also visit the caves along the route.

Price: 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

5. Tu San Abyss Alley (Ha Giang)

This is the tallest and deepest alley in Vietnam and possibly Southeast Asia. Tu San has its height of 700–800m, a length of 1.7km, a depth of 700–900m, creating a unique landscape of the Dong Van rocky plateau.

The majestic Tu San Alley with the blue Nho Que River will be an unforgettable experience for kayaking in Vietnam. You can walk along Nho Que river to feel the grandeur of the rocky mountains of Ha Giang. In February and March, both sides of the river glow with the red of rice flowers and the emerald of the water, offering a beautiful picture of the mountains and forests.

Price: 50,000 VND.

6. Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan)

It is known as one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the North of Vietnam and is ranked by UNESCO as the top 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world that need to be protected and developed. The lake is 500 hectares wide and has clear blue water, surrounded by layers of rocky mountains and green forests.

This is considered a very suitable area for water sports, especially kayaking because there are many places to explore around the lake.

Price: 50,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

7. Han River (Da Nang)

Along the banks of this romantic river are green trees with gentle flowing water creating a beautiful landscape picture. This is among must-visit places for kayaking in Vietnam.

If you want to see a poetic and gorgeous Da Nang, you should kayak on Han River at sunrise. When the sun rays drop themselves on the ground and shine spinkly bright; enjoying cool water and fresh atmosphere while kayaking across the river will bring you the most unforgettable experience on your tour to Central Vietnam.

Price: 100,000 VND/ person.

8. Tuyen Lam Lake (Da Lat)

Kayaking along clear water at Tuyen Lam lake

Kayaking along clear water at Tuyen Lam lake and admiring romantic surrounding scenery

The lake is one of 21 national tourist resorts in Vietnam. It has many small oases and is surrounded by pine forests of Truc Lam Zen Monastery. Sailing on the lake will bring you unique and flawless emotions; especially when the maple leaves turn red from about October to mid-December. You will also admire the green pine hills, the gentle water, the peaceful and soothing atmosphere like a fairy land.

Especially, on your honeymoon holiday in Vietnam, kayaking to witness Tuyen Lam maple leaves is an ideal and romantic activity to try as a couple.

Price: 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND.

9. Cai River (Nha Trang)

You’ve probably heard of the familiar Cai river floating at the foot of the Ponagar tower and winding around the beautiful Nha Trang city. This is also the largest river in Khanh Hoa province with a length of 79km.

Cai river flows smoothly, green and mustard green is extremely suitable for making a kayak trip downstream.

Price: 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND.

10. Mui Dinh (Ninh Thuan)

Anyone who comes here will be amazed at the idyllic beauty of this place. Mui Dinh lighthouse is soaring by the sea, blue clear water, and rocky mountains of many shapes. It will bring you breath-taking scenery to immerse yourself into. Besides, you can admire the clear sea colors and listen to the murmuring waves while kayaking in Vietnam.

Price: 100,000 VND/ person.

11. Sao Beach (Phu Quoc)

Kayaking at Sao beach

Kayaking at Sao beach

If you want to enjoy something soothing, relaxing on the sea, sunbathing or sightseeing – kayaking at Bai Sao is an ideal activity for you. This beach is a very famous tourism destination and one of top places for kayaking in Vietnam.

You can paddle out into the middle of the blue sea in the sparkling afternoon sun, enjoy the atmosphere of the sea while floating on a small boat despite the fluttering waves. There will be only the vast white sand and sunshine behind you. Surely, there will be nothing as peaceful as this experience on your tour to Southern Vietnam.

Price: 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND.

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