With an advantage of breathtaking beaches, islands and bays, it is obvious that Vietnam is a perfect place to try several adventurous water sports. Prepare your strength and endurance for these heart-pumping activities and enjoy unforgettable beach vacations in Vietnam.


Feeling bored with swimming and strolling along the beach? Want to push your limits, challenge your strengths and boost your adrenaline with something dangerous? Try some water sports in Vietnamese beaches.


Many issues have to be taken into considerations when it comes to water sports: Is weather suitable for the activity? How is the amenity of that place? Will I be equipped with adequate safety equipment? Will I have an instructor to accompany? Paradise Travel suggests you some places where you can experience water sports with ultimate safety and excitement.


In general, beaches in the Central and the South of Vietnam is more suitable for your adventurous activities.  


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1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving



Scuba Diving vs Snorkeling


If you just want to swim and take a look at some oceanic animals, go snorkeling. However, you will not be disappointed when diving deep because Vietnam is famous for underwater diversity with colorful fish and spectacular coral reefs, especially in Da Nang, Nha Trang and Mui Ne.


Best places for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Vietnam?



Con Dao: Small islands such as Hon Tam, Hon Mun and Hon Khi are perfect places for divers. Choose Con Dao Dive Center for certified instructors and high-quality equipment.



Phu Quoc: Phu Quoc is more suitable for you to learn and get a certificate for scuba diving since the coral reefs here are bleached and there are not many aquatic animals to see. Visit Phu Quoc from October to April and head to Turtle Island or Fingernail Island where you can see many prestigious diving centers such as Rainbow Divers, Vietnamese Explorer Diving and Flipper Diving Club.




Nha Trang: Nha Trang is recognized as our ‘diving capital’. Some prestigious diving centers in Nha Trang are Happy Diving Center, Vinadive and Rainbow Divers.



Da Nang: Cham Island and Son Tra Peninsula are less crowded, so you can entirely enjoy wonderful ecosystem. Check out Cham Island Diving, Da Nang Scuba and Hoi An Diving Center.



Cat Ba: Less popular than four places above, Cat Ba is ideal to enjoy a Kayaking tour after exploring UNESCO Heritage Site Ha Long Bay.


2. Surfing


Three popular kinds of surfing: Kitesurfing vs Windsurfing vs Stand up paddle


It is recommended that you travel to Vietnam from November to March for surfing since this time is the dry season in central and southern beaches.


Best places for surfing in Vietnam?


Da Nang Surf School in Da Nang, The Shack Surf School and Single Fin Surf School in Nha Trang and Vung Tau Beach Club in Vung Tau should be on your bucket list.


Kitesurfing in Mui Ne


Mui Ne is considered as our ‘Mecca’ for surfing. Whether you want to try windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddle, you can find everything here. There are many surf schools in Mui Ne, for example, Jibes Beach Club, Vietnam Surf Soul, Surfpoint, Africa Surf & Kite Test Center and MKS KiteschoolWindChimes International Kitesurfing School is reputable for beginners’ courses.


Sandboarding in Mui Ne


Tired of sea surfing? Head to White Sand Dune or Red Sand Dune in Mui Ne and try sandboarding.


3. Kayaking


Due to our picturesque beaches, lakes and rivers combined with breathtaking mountains and mystery jungles, Kayaking is a favorite water sport in many bays where the water is calmer.


Best places for kayaking in Vietnam?



Lan Ha Bay: Located in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay will amaze you with stunning lagoons, lakes and dreamy islands.


Ha Long Bay: As a UNESCO Heritage site, Ha Long Bay is captivating with limestone karst and elegant beach.


Kayaking can also be found in many large places such as Ba Be Lake, Phong Nha Cave, Cai River (Nha Trang), Tuyet Lam Lake (Da Lat) and Mekong Delta.








Water Skiing


Furthermore, there are many other exciting water-based sports such as Parasailing, Flyboard, Motorboat, Rafting, Water Skiing, etc. that you can try in Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Mui Ne and Da Nang. Beginners and advanced players can choose suitable games for themselves.


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