A short Mekong Delta excursion is a cannot-miss part of your trip to Southern Vietnam. Buying local foods and fresh fruits at floating market, visiting flourishing orchards and romantic flower villages, sampling delicious fish dishes and discovering Khmer architecture are main activities you can do in this destination. For nature lovers and adventurers, exploring cajuput forests in Mekong Delta will be an unforgettable experience on your holiday to Vietnam.

September to November is the best time to visit Mekong Delta since it is the water floating season and the capujut forests become a world of endless emerald green. If you are searching for best places to visit in Vietnam this fall, we recommend 5 best capujut forests in Mekong Delta.

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1. Tra Su Capujut Forest, An Giang

If you ask where the typical place of flooding season in Mekong Delta is, the ‘green carpet’ in Tra Su Capujut Forest is an answer. With its pristine beauty, Tra Su is the popular destination for eco travel in Vietnam. This dyke system is the home to 140 fauna species, 11 mammal species, 25 reptile species and 70 bird species.

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Tra Su Capujut Forest

Sitting on a sampan, you will be immersed in lush scenery of thousands of cajuput trees, pink lotus flower and lovely water lilies. Tra Su Capujut Forest is also a bird sanctuary and you can see many kinds of water birds walking on the water. It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, so grab your passport and travel!

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2. Tan Lap Floating Village, Long An

100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Lap Floating Village is currently a popular destination among young backpackers. The floating village is like an island hidden in a vast capujut forest, which makes you feel like you are lost in a fairy tale jungle. The highlight of Tan Lap is that you can walk across the forest bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of sunshine through the leaves.

Tan Lap Floating Village

Tan Lap is the home to many kinds of capujut trees, water flowers, birds and reptiles. Don’t forget to try some local specialties here: fish hot pot, noodle soup (hu tieu), mud roasted chicken and Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo). Grilled snakehead fish (ca loc nuong trui) is the most famous dish in Long An. There is nothing more exciting than grilling a fish in the rice fields and admiring the atmosphere of this floating countryside.

3. Xeo Quyt Capujut Forest, Dong Thap

35 kilometers from Cao Lanh, Xeo Quyt Capujut Forest is the lesser-known attraction of Mekong Delta. It is a marvelous destination for your family vacation in Vietnam because your children will have a chance to gain more historical knowledge about the Vietnam War here. Vietnamese army had chosen Xeo Quyt Capujut Forest to be a basement during the US resistance war. There are many underground houses and tunnels which were built between 1960 and 1975 here.

Xeo Quyt Capujut Forest

Nowadays, Xeo Quyt is an exciting ecological site where visitors can enjoy the peaceful scenery of green capujut trees, breathe fresh air in a clean atmosphere filled with beautiful flowers, and listen to the natural melody of birds singing and fish swimming.

4. Gao Giong Capujut Forest, Dong Thap

Gao Giong Capujut Forest

Gao Giong Capujut Forest belongs to Gao Giong Ecotourism Park in Cao Lanh City of Dong Thap Province. This forest attracts visitors for the contrast between dry season and rainy season. During rainy season, you can take a boat or sampan to go through many swamps and canals. Fishes gather in the forest this season, so you will have a chance to catch some famous mud carp fish (linh fish) here. Mud carp fish hotpot with sesban flower (dien dien flower) is the must-try cuisine when visiting Mekong Delta.

On the contrary, during dry season when the water becomes shallower, you can pitch a tent and camp here.

5. U Minh Ha National Park, Ca Mau

During the Indochine War, Vietnamese government divided U Minh forest into two areas: U Minh Thuong (Upper U Minh) belongs to Kien Giang and U Minh Ha (Lower U Minh) belongs to Ca Mau; these two forests are separated by Trem River. U Minh Ha is well-known for a diverse ecosystem with many kinds of fauna and flora such as mangroves, water lilies, birds, snakes, and fish.

U Minh Ha Capujut Forest

Visiting U Minh Ha Capujut Forest, travelers can participate in fishing, collecting honey from beehives and picking wild vegetables. Thanks to the flourishing natural habitat, local cuisines here are delicious by using fresh ingredients. Some mouth-watering foods you can sample are eel congee, roasted fish, young bee salad, and fish hotpot with wild vegetables.

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