Autumn in Vietnam is from September to November, the season experiences the most romantic time of the year. While Hanoi and Northern Vietnam are favored by nature with cool, mild climate, the Central and the South of Vietnam tend to have more days of drizzling rain.

It is not unreasonable when autumn lasting from September to November is the high tourist season in Vietnam. This period of time gives the most pleasant climate of the year especially in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam, where feature cool but also sunny weather ranging from 24-30°C.

Autumn is considered to be the most romantic time in Hanoi when you can enjoy a lot of specialties like green young rice (Cốm), dracontomelon (edible fruit named Sấu), blackboard trees (Hoa Sua), etc. Likewise, the North highland areas immerse in yellow of grain, which offers spectacular scenes to attract a lot of photographers and travelers.

The Central and the South of Vietnam are lesser favored in autumn as these regions must experience plenty of rainfall. The temperature range of both areas has least variation of 30 degrees Celsius but traveling to the Central and the South in autumn still brings its own unique experience.

Best places to visit in Vietnam in Autumn


Hanoi is one of the most amazing places to visit in autumn for individuals, couples and families as visiting to Hanoi in autumn can save them from both the sweltering heat of the summer and the chilly winds of the winter. This city capital offers a variety of historical sites and local landmarks that worth a visit. Some of featured places in Hanoi are Sword Lake and Old Quarter. The old quarter is famous for 36 iconic streets named after the products sold by the residents. You can go for shopping and admire old architecture of houses in this area. Sword Lake, situated in the heart of the city, has a gorgeous scenery view with historical value that will take your breath away.

Best Tours to Hanoi in Autumn

Halong Bay

If you are a sea lover, a Halong Bay cruise won’t disappoint you. It is a world UNESCO site and comprises of hundreds of small islets. The beautiful view and splashing sound of sea will transport you to another world in no time. It is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam throughout the year but autumn is the best time to visit thanks to cool and sunny climate. You can enjoy a lot of exciting activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving and hiking, etc.


Halong Bay - One of the most interesting travel destinations in the world


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Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is located in the Northern region of Vietnam and boasts for its magnificent landscape and scenery. It has limestone cliffs across rice fields and provides a rural setting that is serene. Some of the activities to explore are bike-riding through the rice fields, temple-hopping, visiting Thung Nham bird garden or strolling in the evenings, which are all suitable in cool autumn.

Top Ninh Binh Tours in Autumn

Hoian Ancient Town

Hoian located in the South Eastern region of Vietnam boasts for its incredible legacy of ancient Japanese houses and Chinese temples. Hoian has attractive Thu Bon river and waterfront area with amazing restaurants and lively bars where visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisine and drink. Boats can also be hired for fishing or just to explore the neighboring areas. During the autumn nights, visitors can buy lanterns and release them to the river, which is such a romantic and exciting activity.

Tra Que Village Hoian

Best Hoi An Tours in Autumn

Nha Trang Beach city

Nha Trang is a coastal city located in the southern region of Vietnam. The city is known for its long beach stretch, offshore islands and diving sites. The city center is well developed with luxurious hotels and lively bars which never bore tourists. Nha Trang is also home to Vinpearl land which has the world’s longest over-water cable car and a grand amusement park with water slides that are wonderful for family vacation. The pleasant atmosphere and the soothing water in autumn make the trip more perfect.

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Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is situated in the southernmost point of Vietnam. It has a maze of rivers, swamps and islands. Floating market is one of the most featured things you have to witness since residents here make their living majorly on boats. Visiting Mekong Delta is appropriate for any season, you can take a cruise along the Mekong rivers and pass by Khmer pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies. The bio-diversity across this area is hard to be missed.


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Festivals not to be missed in Autumn in Vietnam

Mid Autumn festival

According to the Vietnamese customs and traditions from the past to present, the Mid Autumn Festival is held on 15th August (lunar calendar). On this occasion, parents show love to their children and give them gifts. This is also the reunion occasion for many members of the family.

During the festival, adults will drink and enjoy the moon’s beauty; children will play the colorful lanterns, wearing masks, watching lion dances, singing Moon songs. On the night of full moon festival, adults and children prepare many different food in the form of a feast. The most specialty cake of Mid-Autumn festival is Moon cake which is a symbol of luck, happiness and wealth.

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the significant traditions of Vietnamese people. It is a festival of friendship day, the season of happiness, the occasion of reunion and love for family.

Con Son – Kiep Bac festival

From 15th to 20th August in lunar calendar annually, visitors from all over the country pilgrimage to the land of Con Son – Kiep Bac (Chi Linh town, Hai Duong province) to be immersed in the festival of traditional ritual, which is preserved over the centuries.

The ceremony takes place with the procession of solemn, drums and dragon dance. Memorial speech recalls the great contributions of Tran Quoc Tuan with 3 great victories of the war against the Mongol invaders.

After a memorial procession on the Six Heads river (Song Luc Dau), the festival replays the battle by boat of the war against the Mongol invaders. This is a content of traditional ritual with historical victory at Con Son – Kiep Bac.

Buckwheat flower (Tam Giac Mach) festival

Buckwheat flower season starts from end of September to end of October of lunar month. During this time, a 3 day long festival will be organized in many districts (Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac) in Dong Van province. The festival is to honor unique culture’s value of Dong Van stone highland through the image of triangle circuit flower. There are many interesting culture activities during the festival such as exhibition about the flower and products made from triangle circuit flower, triangle circuit’s wine festival, etc. Also this is an occasion for tourists to experience characteristic entertainments of the ethnic people.

Tam Giac Mach flower, Ha Giang

Interesting Tours to see buckwheat flower

Kate festival

Another great festival that you can enjoy in autumn is known as Kate festival. This is the biggest and crowded festival for Cham ethnic people in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan province. The festival normally lasts for 3 days during 25th September to 5th October to show gratitude towards national heroes, ancestors, kings and gods of Cham people.

People are known to participate in the event wearing traditional dresses, singing traditional songs along with dancing according to the tune. The variety of colors, enthralling music and mesmerizing dance show are enough to make you fall in love with the land’s culture.

Keo Pagoda festival

Keo pagoda, located in Nam Dinh province, is the most ancient pagoda in Vietnam with 400-year-old architecture. During 8th to 16th September on Lunar calendar, there has a festival to mark the birthday of Duong Khong Lo, who was a Buddist sage that reached nirvana. The festival consists of events like boat races, literary recitations and trumpet and drum competitions. Being a part of this event can truly be a unique experience.

In summary, the colorful celebrations and climatic features in autumn should be enough to lure tourists to visit Vietnam every year. You surely will have great ambiance of diversified culture, cuisine and historical sites that will leave long memories after your visit.

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