Cambodia is a country of pagodas, so if you have your plan to come here, you should not miss these most must-visit temples in Cambodia. Discovering the unique beauty of these temples will be an interesting experience that you will never forget on your Cambodia tours.

1. Phnom Bakheng – A tourist attraction in Cambodia to watch the sunset

Did You Know About Top 6 Must-visit Temples in Cambodia?

Majestic Phnom Bakheng at dawn

This is one of the most famous unique temples in Cambodia, located in Angkor, this is the center of the first Khmer kingdom. This famous temple in Cambodia is a Hindu temple with the architecture of a mountain temple since the 9th century. The 65m high temple consists of 6 floors and 108 small towers around. Because of its convenient location as the top of a hill, Phnom Bakheng becomes an attractive tourist destination in Cambodia to watch the sunset.

2. Angkor Wat – The most beautiful temple in Cambodia

The main temple at Angkor Wat

The main temple at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest and most beautiful temple in Cambodia. This is also the symbol of Cambodia tourism. Built in the early 12th century on a 200 ha land, the temple is the pinnacle, the highest crystallization of ancient Khmer architecture. Outside the temple is covered with bas-reliefs depicting Indian epic and Hindu gods. Unlike other Cambodian temples that were abandoned after the decline of the Khmer empire, Angkor Wat has strived to become the most famous Buddhist temple in Cambodia. In 1992, the Angkor Wat complex was recognized by Unesco as a World Cultural Heritage, and from here is a new beginning for Cambodia’s tourism.

3. Angkor Thom – The great temple of Cambodia

Angkor Thom Sculptures

Angkor Thom Sculptures

Where should you travel to when in Cambodia? Angkor Thom in the Khmer language means the great city, this place was built in the late 12th century on an area of ​​up to 9 square kilometers. Inside the most famous temple in Cambodia, there are many small temples from the previous centuries. At each corner of this temple, there is a temple built of sandstone and Quan The Am. The common point of these temples is cross-shaped and facing east. If coming to Angkor Wat visitors will see the unique, at Angkor Thom is the highlight of the strange, majestic architecture.

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4. Banteay Srei Temple – The best temple on the rock in Cambodia

Banteay Srei Temple, Angkor Wat Complex

Banteay Srei Temple, Angkor Wat Complex

This is one of the most famous temples in Cambodia. The temple has 3 layers of architecture with the outer layer being a stone bridge, the temple gate, the middle layer is a moat, the main gate and the inner layer are temples and libraries. The temple has a myriad of fine, detailed reliefs carved in laterite and red sandstone. A temple is a place of worship Shiva in the north and Vishnu in the south. Although only a small temple in Angkor’s architectural cluster, this is always the most attractive tourist temple in Cambodia.

5. Ta Prohm Temple – The most unique temple in Cambodia

Did You Know About Top 6 Must-visit Temples in Cambodia?

Ta Prohm Temple

It is located east of Angkor Thom. Here is special place for people and tourists to call it the beautiful temple. The impression in Cambodia is that the temple must not cut down trees and prune branches to cover the forest. This is also the largest temple in the Angkor population when it consists of 260 idols, 39 towers, and 566 buildings. You can easily see ancient trees growing on the roof of the temple, creating a beautiful and unique landscape extremely rare. These two ancient trees are Ficus religious and kapok.

6. Banteay Kdei – An impressive Buddhist temple in Cambodia

Banteay Kdei with a huge tree growing out of the stones

Banteay Kdei with a huge tree growing out of the stones

It is one of the famous temples in Cambodia. This site has a location at southeast of Ta Prohm and east of Angkor Thom. This is an impressive Buddhist temple of Cambodia. It was in the same architectural style as Ta Prohm and Preah Khan. However, you will see it with a smaller scale and the decorations are few but extremely meticulous and sophisticated. The ravages of time and the restoration of the temple is not timely. Therefore, this temple is degraded quite seriously. Even though, it always carries with it the subterranean charm and sophistication that is not ordinary.

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This is for those who love to travel to Cambodia and the traditional culture of the Khmer! A list of the most famous and unique Cambodian temples will be an extremely helpful suggestion for you to explore the land. If you have any questions about Cambodia tourism in particular and travel to other places in general, please let us know by leaving your comments below or contact us <here>!

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