Chongqing is one of four national central cities in China besides Bejing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Used to be a part of Sichuan province, Chongqing was separated to be a municipality in 1997. Known as the ‘Mountain City’, Chongqing is attractive for stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. This city is the home to various picturesque karst caves, amazing gorges, famous hot springs, and rustic ancient towns.

Located in the southwest of China, Chongqing possesses a modern and state-of-the-art transportation system. If you want to go farther to Western China, Chongqing is a perfect starting point.

What to do in Chongqing?

Cruising to Yangtze River

Yangtze River

Yangtze River is famous for being the longest river in China. It flows from the west of Tibet to Shanghai and runs along many captivating attractions in this country, including the spectacular Three Gorges – Qutang, Wu, and Xiling. The section between Chongqing and Yichang is well-known for a Yangtze River cruise. You will see many towering cliffs, stunning mountains and lovely villages along the river’s banks.

Sightseeing to famous spots

As one of the largest cities in China, it is obvious that Chongqing is the home to various attractions:

  • Dazu Grottoes: Containing 60,000 statues, this attraction represents splendid carving techniques and craftsmanship of skillful Chinese workers and is the harmonious combination of mechanics and optics.
  • Wulong Karst Region: As a UNESCO Heritage site, Wulong Karst is a famous spot for sightseeing and trekking activities. Limestone karsts, caves, natural bridges and underground streams are must-see attractions.
  • Ci Qi Kou Old Town: 14 kilometers from the center of Chongqing, Ci Qi Kou was used to be a manufacturing and trading spot during Ming and Qing dynasties. Nowadays, it is promoted to be a tourist spot where travelers go shopping, buy souvenirs and street snacks.
  • Fengdu Ghost City: If you want to understand the Chinese’ perception of the Hell and afterlife, Fengdu Ghost City is our place.
  • Three Gorges Museum: With an area of 40000 square meters, Three Gorges Museum displays cultural and historical relics of Chongqing and Three Gorges area.

Soaking in a hot spring

Chongqing is famous for its hot spring spas. There are more than 10 hot springs around this city. Decorated in Chinese traditional architecture with natural landscapes nearby, these spas are the place for you to relax and soak in hot springs. Furthermore, you can choose other services such as aromatherapy and massage with Chinese herbs and medicine. Remember to consider your health situation before soaking in a hot spring and make sure that you don’t soak within one hour before and after a meal.

  • Ronghui Hot Spring: Located near Radisson Hotel, the spa staff in Ronghui Hot Spring will satisfy you with professional manners and luxurious services.
  • Northern Hot Springs Park: 50 kilometers from the city center, the hot springs here are really beneficial for your health.
  • Southern Hot Springs Park: This Park has 3 swimming pools and more than 100 bathrooms.
Best time to travel to Chongqing

Located in subtropical monsoon climate, Chongqing’s weather is characterized by a high level of humidity. Chongqing, together with Nanjing and Wuhan are considered as three ‘furnace cities’ of China. Summer is really hot here with the average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The weather is extremely blistering in July when it can reach 44 degrees Celsius. It also rains heavily this month, so consider a Yangtze River cruise in summer and avoid sightseeing activities at noon.

Chongqing is often covered by fog during winter and spring. It is called ‘The City of Fog’ since there are more than 60 foggy days in Chongqing every year.  Therefore, the best times to travel to Chongqing are spring (March – early May) and autumn (September – early November).

Chongqing Travel Tips
  • It is easy to get around the city using the Chongqing motorail and bus lines. You can take the motorail to commute from the airport to the city center. It is not safe to ride a bicycle in this city since it is normally covered by fog, so we advise you to take public transports.
  • If you travel during summer, bring light clothing and sun protection items (sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, etc).
  • Sichuan food is signature for its spicy and oily. If you do not like spicy food, ask for the ones without any chili. Drink a lot of water and eat fruits if you do not want to get any acne and pimple after Chongqing trip.