Located in the east of China, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province. This city is famous for rustic sceneries, notably the West Lake. The lake represents Chinese traditional garden with unique sculpture and architectural elements. Hangzhou is a top tourist destination in China and there are more than 20,000 domestic tourists and foreign travelers visiting Hangzhou annually. This city was used to be an important oceangoing trading center in China since the imperial era. Hangzhou is well-known for two Chinese specialties: tea and silk.

What to do in Hangzhou?

Visit classic gardens and water towns

West Lake
  • West Lake: This lake is attractive with tranquil scenery, brilliant historical and cultural architecture and stunning shrines, pagodas, and temples.
  • Wuzhen Ancient Village: 80 kilometers from the center of Hangzhou, this 1000-year-old village is one of the most lovable ancient villages in the southern bank of Yangtze River.
  • Nanxun Water Town: Nanxun was established during Ming Dynasty and used to be a silk trading center of China. Being influenced by foreign merchants, this town’s architecture is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western style.
  • Xitang Water Town: Ancient buildings, arched bridges, and friendly local people – Xitang Water Town is the place for you to chill out and get to know classic Chinese architecture.

Discover silk and tea culture

Silk and tea are the most famous specialties of Hangzhou that people here dedicate museums for them.

  • China National Silk Museum: In this museum, you will understand the history and development of silk culture, which made Hangzhou prosperous during imperial era.
  • Hangzhou National Tea Museum: Not only can you understand tea history and tea production process in Hangzhou National Tea Museum but you also can get an insight to how tea etiquettes are different in different regions of China.
  • Meijiawu Tea Village: The best time to visit Meijiawu Tea Village is in spring when you can take part in exciting activities: picking up green tea leaves and producing new tea.

Enjoy Zhejiang cuisines

West Lake Fish in Vinegar

As the capital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is endowed with the quintessence of one of ‘China’s Eight Regional Cuisines’. If you find Chengdu and Chongqing’s cuisines are too strong and spicy, Hangzhou’s foods will satisfy you with its light, tender and fresh flavor. Some must-try foods in this city are West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, Dongpo Pork, Fried Shrimps with Long Jing Tea and Jiaohua Chicken.

Best time to travel to Hangzhou

Located in a temperate climate zone, Hangzhou is usually affected by typhoons in two periods: late June – early July and August – September. Winter is chilly and humid and it may snow sometimes. The best times to visit Hangzhou are spring and autumn when it is cool and pleasant. If you want to engage in tea harvesting process, come here from March to May.

Hangzhou Travel Tips
  • Avoid visiting famous spot such as West Lake, Wuzhen Ancient Village, and Meijiawu Tea Village during weekends since people from Shanghai, especially the newlyweds, come to Hangzhou for leisure and enjoy honeymoon trip. Instead, go to some less crowded attractions such as Xitang Water Town and Tea and Silk Museum.
  • Hangzhou has the best public bike systems in China. With a Transportation Smart Card Z for visitors, you can rent a bike at a cheap price for a cycling tour around this beautiful city.
  • Hangzhou is Jack Ma’s hometown – the founder of Alibaba. Thus, this city is a high-tech metropolis. You can download Alipay app and pay any financial transaction without bringing a wallet in this city.