Located on the banks of Yangtze River on the eastern side of China, Shanghai is considered as the largest city in China and the most populous city in the world with the population of 24 million people. Shanghai is famous for being the center of Chinese economy, culture, politics, and transportation. Shanghai is also one of the most important cargos in the world. Shanghai attracts tourists for its appealing historical sites, modern contemporary architectures, exciting shopping centers and delicious traditional dishes.

What to do in Shanghai?

Whether you want to go shopping, immerse in nature or discover historical sites, Shanghai has everything you expect.

Cruise along Huang River and enjoy The Bund’s view

The Bund is considered as the symbol of Shanghai for more than a hundred year. Stretching along Huang River, it is the waterfront and used to be the trading port during the colonial era. The best way to enjoy the Bund is cruising along Huang River. You can see local people jogging, walking, dancing and practicing tai chi during at time. At dawn, Shanghai looks more splendid with towering skyscrapers and colonial buildings which are lit with neon lights.

Discover Shanghai’s history and culture through scenic spots and rustic museums

Yu Garden

Shanghai is the perfect combination of traditional and modern architecture with many attractions:

  • Yu Garden: Yu Garden, also known as Yuyuan Garden, was built during Ming dynasty more than 450 years ago. This garden focuses on tiny details such as carvings and sculptures rather than majestic architecture, which is the reason why Yu Garden is atmospherically rustic and tranquil.
  • Zhujiajiao Ancient Town: Considered as ‘Venice of Shanghai’. Zhujiajiao used to be a trading area where products were transported by boats and barges in Ming dynasty.
  • Shanghai Museum: This museum exhibits more than 120,000 pieces of historical antiques and artworks, including precious paintings, calligraphy, and jade.
  • Jade Buddha Temple: Jade Buddha Temple was inspired by the architecture of Song Dynasty – symmetric hall, upturned eaves and vibrant walls. There are two precious jade Buddha statues in this temple – a sitting Buddha and a reclining Buddha.
  • Longhua Temple: Built in 242 AD, Longhua Temple is the largest and the oldest temple in Shanghai. Originally, there were 13 pagodas in Longhua Temple complex, but now only Longhua Pagoda remains intact.

Watch a live performance at Shanghai Circus World

With a unique architecture of a gorgeous golden vault, Shanghai Circus World is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound facilities so that they are able to organize domestic and international competitions here. There are many live performances from local to international performers in this place – you can enjoy singing, dancing, acrobatics, and circus shows here. Though this place can seat an audience of more than 1500 people, it is recommended that you buy tickets in advance in order not to miss any desirable performance.

Go shopping at Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is a popular pedestrian street in Shanghai where you can find literally everything – from souvenirs, clothes, jewelry to restaurants, street vendors and coffee shops where you can rest after long hours of shopping. While Eastern Nanjing Road is covered with Western-styled restaurants and café, the West is the shopping heaven with fashion boutiques from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Versace, Miu Miu, etc.

Best time to travel to Shanghai

Located in the subtropical zone with four distinct seasons, Shanghai has hot summers and chilly winters. Shanghai experiences a considerable rainfall from June to September. The temperature may reach 32 degrees Celsius during this period and we advise that you should avoid July since it is the hottest month in the city. On the contrary, it is cold and dry during winter (December to February). The temperature can drop to 1 degree Celsius. However, it is not as cold as in Beijing or Xian since snow rarely falls.

To experience the finest weather, you should travel to Shanghai in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November).

Shanghai Travel Tips
  • Metro is the cheapest and the most convenient way to get around Shanghai. Ticket machines have instruction in English, so there will be no hassle for you.
  • Shanghai people, particularly the ones in hospitality industry, can speak English at a decent level, so language barrier will not be a problem.
  • 42 countries including America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and many countries in Europe can apply for 72-hour visa-free. So check if you are eligible for this policy.