Suzhou, together with Hangzhou, are two most romantic cities in China. They are considered as ‘heaven on Earth’ by many Chinese poets, artists, and painters. Suzhou is located in southeastern China and it is about 100 kilometers from Shanghai. 42% of Suzhou is covered by water with a vast system of dreamy ponds and streams. That’s the reason why Suzhou is called ‘Venice of China’.

Found in 514 BC, this city has a long-lasting history which can be recognized from its traditional architecture and historic buildings. Suzhou’s rich culture, combined with its mild climate and great topography, make it the must-see destination for your China tour.

What to do in Suzhou?

Visit Suzhou’s classic gardens and discover traditional Chinese culture

Humble Administrator’s Garden

Classic gardens are attractions that you cannot miss in your Suzhou trips. You can find many beautiful gardens around this city.

  • Humble Administrator’s Garden: Built during Ming Dynasty (500 years old), Humble Administrator’s Garden is the largest classic garden in Suzhou. It is really gorgeous with lush trees, elegant pavilions, romantic ponds and winding paths.
  • Lingering Garden: Famous for its exquisite architectural art, Lingering Garden has a long history of over 400 years ago. The Central Garden is the most worth-visiting part since it is the most ancient section.
  • Master of the Nets Garden: Built during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), Master of the Nets Garden is the smallest garden in Suzhou – one-tenth the size of Humble Administrator’s Garden.
  • Lion Grove Garden: Famous as ‘the Kingdom of Rockery’, Lion Grove Garden is unique with many rock formations of various shapes and sizes.
  • Canglang Pavilion: Canglang Pavilion is the most ancient garden in Suzhou. It is characterized by a high wall and many man-made rock formations.

Relish Suzhou’s ancient towns

Tongli Ancient Town

Ancient Towns are the best place for you to understand Suzhou’s history and culture as well as taking stunning photos.

  • Tongli Ancient Town: 10 kilometers from the center of Suzhou, Tongli Ancient Town is one of the most popular ancient towns along Yangtze River’s bank, together with Nanxun, Wuzhen, Xitang, Zhouzhuang, and Yongzhi.
  • Zhouzhuang Water Town: 30 kilometers from the Southeast of Suzhou, Zhouzhuang Water Town is a famous tourist attraction when traveling to Suzhou and Shanghai.
  • Luzhi Ancient Town: Located on the banks of Taihu Lake, Luzhi Ancient Town will be the most beautiful when appreciating from a boat along the lake.
Best time to travel to Suzhou

We recommend you visit Suzhou in springs and autumns since the weather will be pleasant. This city experiences a high level of rainfall in May and June. Summers are hot here and the temperature can reach 38 degrees Celsius in July. Winters are cold and humid and it may snow in January.

Suzhou Travel Tips
  • You can find four train stations in Suzhou: Suzhou Station, Suzhou North Station (Bei Zhan), Suzhou Industrial Park Station (Yuanqu), and Suzhou New Area Station (Xinqu). Trains are highly developed here and you can travel to many cities including Beijing from Suzhou.
  • It is advisable to avoid famous water towns and gardens during public holidays in China since these places will be crowded with local travelers.
  • Suzhou is relatively safe, but be careful of pickpocketing at famous sightseeing spots.