Early spring is the best time to gather with your family and friends and wish for good lucks, happiness and good fortune or take spring vacations. Whatever you travel in the country or abroad, you will always need to prepare carefully for a safe and happy journey with your family and friends. Here are 10 effective solutions for you.

1. Making a long schedule

To prepare for a spring vacation, you are advised to set your time suitably, balance your budget and preprare carefully about spirit and health. Before your spring journey, you should list out some famous attractions that you would like to visit. Search those attractions carefully and minimum conveniences for you and your family if you decide to visit those destinations. After you get enough information, discuss with other members and make a final decision.


10 effective solutions for your spring vacation

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To make a detailed schedule, you can record all information and necessary expenses for the journey. Completing those steps before you travel is not only good for your budget but it also helps you to be active in the destination.

2. Choosing a suitable time

During and after the Tet holiday, there will be many big festivals both in the country and abroad. You should follow the weather forecast to arrange suitable time for your journey.


Choosing a suitable time


For pilgrimages to sacred sites in the country, in order to avoid crowds, you had better not travel to these places at “rush hour”, which is from 9a.m to 12 a.m, when it is very crowded.

3. Booking for your services prior your journey

If you would like to travel with tour operators, you should book services of prestigious agents such as Saigontourist, Vietrantour, Fiditour and Golden Tour in case of unlucky problems arised during your journey.

If you travel on your own, you should book for your transporting tickets and accommodation about one or two months prior your journey at reliable websites such as agoda.com, chudu24.com, booking.com or ivivu.com. Sometimes, you can call to book directly with airlines, train stations or hotels because they always offer tickets for tourists. Remember to check the extra charges in special occasions.

You should choose hotels that can provide you personal experiences and easy access to other attractions with available vehicles.

4. Luggage for your journey

Luggage is always waste of your time, especially for a long vacation or a journey to a destination with strange weather conditions. To solve this problem, you should make a list of what you need to bring with you as well as avoid the case of losing your luggage at airports or car stations.


Luggage for your journey


Indispensable items of your journey are a passport, visa, personal identity, booking tickets and insurance card. You should own a small notebook with necessary phone numbers. Other personal things should be well-prepared in order not to buy at high prices at tourist sites.

5. Budget and cash

Money is a “must” when traveling. Therefore, you should prepare enough money before your journey. If you travel abroad, it is necessary to exchange money before you go.


Budget and cash


While you only need to bring ATM cards when traveling in the country, you can also use your Visa cards or Master Cards to pay. In addition, you can use some debit cards to spend money in case of emergency. However, at some new tourist sites, where you can not use ATM cards, it is wise for you to bring cash.

6. Travel insurance

If you book a tour, travel agents will include travel insurance in the tour. Accordingly, you should consider this information carefully before booking a tour. If you travel on your own, sometimes, you will lose your luggage, cancel your transporting tickets or treat your diseases in the hospital. For that reason, buying travel insurance for yourself and your luggage is a good advice. You can discover insurance package at prestigious insurance companies such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, AIG and ACE Life. Before buying travel insurance, you are advised to understand different types of insurances, validity, expenses, compensating policy or insurance procedures to choose your best package.

7. Always be on the alert

Most tourist attractions are crowded with guests, especially in early spring. You had better be on the alert against bad lucks. You should take a notice of your precious properties. Before your journey, you may be very excited, but do not forget to ensure your house locked carefully when you travel.

8. Shopping in the festive season

The price of food and drinks at tourist sites are often doubled and tripled or more than other places. It is better if you can bargain before you buy things.

9. Informing for your relatives

When traveling during special occasions, you should inform for your friends and relatives in order for them to arrange a suitable time to visit you during the holiday.

10. Ensuring a good health when traveling

Health is very important during your journey. You should prepare necessary items, which match with weather conditions at your destinations. Neat and warm costumes, specialized shoes and a thick scarf will be suitable for a journey to the forest while a thin scarf, suncream and a big hat is the best preparation for a journey to the sea.


Ensuring a good health when traveling


When traveling to any tourist sites, you will surely feel different weather conditions and strange dishes or you may be carsick and tired during your journey. Therefore, you should bring necessary medicines and drinks during the journey.

Finally, before your journey, you should contact to service providers to confirm about your books. A small notebook will be a wonderful choice to note down all destinations, people and memorable moments during your spring vacation.

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