Which is the best season to travel to Halong Bay?

It really depends on what do you want your experiences to look like. The reason is that Halong Bay weather affects the scenery in each season and so as the activities associated with it. Spring is the season to go if you want to experience Vietnamese’s Tet and avoid the crowd. If you are a big fan of water activities then summer and fall weather best fit you. If you prefer to observe a mysterious Halong Bay with fogs, as well as spending your Christmas in Vietnam, winter is the time to go.

Ha Long Bay is comprised of 1,969 islands which are uninhabited. Ninety-percent of those islands are made of limestone.  Approximately 775 islands, in an area of 434 square kilometers, are protected by UNESCO. You can either book a cruise or spend a day tour in Ha Long Bay.

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Spring in Halong Bay (February – April)

What does spring in Halong Bay offer?

Spring comes with a misty sky and high humidity. Even though it is perfect weather for plants and flowers to thrive but some tourists finds its hard to keep their clothes dry and clean. On the other hand, there are travelers that are in love with Halong Bay and its mysterious cloudy weather in Spring.

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Halong Bay spring

Spring time in Vietnam is associated with Tet holiday (Lunar New Year), which is the most important and awaited holiday in Vietnam. In January and February, Vietnamese usually go back to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their families. Hence, Halong Bay is less crowded and is the best for international travelers to visit. In March, the sky could be hazy in the morning, which could make it hard for sightseeing the Bay. While the temperature is cold for water activities. In April, it is still not very crowded in Halong Bay since Vietnamese students are busy preparing for exams and adults are back to work. For that reason, cruising to Halong Bay this time is a chance to get away from daily busy life and relax your mind.

Summer in Halong Bay (May – August)

What does summer in Halong Bay offer?

If you are a beach lover as well as enjoy water activities, Halong Bay weather in the summer is perfect for you. It might get too hot and humidity for westerners but Halong during this time is charming with crystal clear sky and emerald water.

Halong Bay summer

From June to July, as the demand to travel, relax, and being entertained rises high, summer is the highest season of domestic tourism in Halong Bay. Even though summer is considered the best Halong Bay weather, it is understandable that not many international travelers want to cope with the high volume of native tourism coming here.

Autumn in Halong Bay (September -November)

What does autumn in Halong Bay offer?

Fall is the time for schools to start, which makes the number of domestic tourist decreases. However, it is high season for international tourists.

Halong Bay fall

In this period of time, it is common to have cooler weathers, leaves changing color to red. In September, there could be light rain or tropical storm now and then. The comfortable atmosphere makes it a great time for water activities as well. With the clear sky and picturesque scenery, Halong Bay in autumn is also a perfect choice for honeymoon tours in Vietnam.

Winter in Halong Bay (December – January)

What does winter in Halong Bay offer?

In winter, the weather becomes pleasant with less rain and humidity, which make it even drier than the summertime. The weather and sea temperature makes it great to relax on the beach at noon time. However, the water could get chilly making it hard to swim or do other water activities.

Halong Bay winter

A typical characteristic of weather in December is fog. Halong will show up at a very different beauty in foggy weather. The wintertime is the fishing season of local fisherman. You can have the opportunity to see the traditional boat and how people here catch fish. It can be a distinctive experience to try a day in the life of a fisherman.

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