March is considered the high tourist season in Vietnam and it is quite a good time to visit the country. March is early Spring in the North, it is getting cooler and is sunny in the South.

Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

Vietnam is opening to the world as a friendly and safe travel destination. Stretching for thousands of Km from North to South, the country has beautiful mountains with colorful hill tribes, beaches along the country with many of those are considered best in the world which is still not too touristy.

  • Season: Spring in the North, Dry season in Central and South
  • Temperature: 20 – 30°C -> Cool in the North, hotter Southward
  • Humidity: 70 – 90%
  • Rain fall: 10 – 40 mm Dusk rain in the North, dry in Central and South
  • Storm/ typhoon: Rarely
  • Suggestion: Good time to travel all over Vietnam


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Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

Perfume Pagoda, Hanoi – Vietnam

In the North of Vietnam, it is recommended that you spend time in some famous travel destinations like Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Hoa Lu Tam Coc, North-west, and North-east area, etc.

Here are some best places to visit in March:

Perfume Pagoda (Chùa Hương)

The Perfume pagoda located 60 kilometers Southwest of Hanoi and is one of the largest and unique religious sites in Hanoi (formerly Ha Tay Province). It comprises a complex of pagodas and Buddhist shrines built into the limestone cliffs of Perfume Mount (Hương Sơn), scattering alongside the mountain up to the peak. The complex’s center is right inside Huong Tich cavern.

Perfume Pagoda - March in Vietnam
Perfume Pagoda

The festival begins in the middle of the first lunar month and lasts until the middle of the third one (from February till March). People come here to pray for happiness and prosperity. On this special occasion, a wide range of traditional cultural activities is incorporated. Perfume Pagoda is not only a religious site, but also a great sight-seeing spot.

Highlights of the Pagoda complex:

Bến Đục (Pier Duc)

It takes around 2 hours to get to the starting point of the pilgrimage: Ben Duc (Pier Duc) where thousands of boats are parked. From this point, visitors start your trip to visit Huong Pagoda with a one-hour boat ride on the Yen Stream to get to the site center. Boat riding on the Yen Stream is actually the highlight of the trip.

Suối Yến (Yen Stream)

Yen Stream - March in Vietnam
Yen Stream

Yen stream flows between two mountains for 3 kilometers. While traveling along Yen Stream, tourists pass by the stunning landscape of blazing green rice paddies studded with jagged limestone mounts to the base of Huong Mountain.

Chùa Thiên Trù (Thien Tru Pagoda)

Thien Tru Pagoda - March in Vietnam
Thien Tru Pagoda

The first stop before climbing up to Huong Mount, visitors first “register” with a visit to Den Trinh, which means “registration shrine”. The next point of interest would be a visit to Thien Tru Pagoda (chùa Ngoài – Outer Pagoda). “Thien Tru” means a heaven kitchen, derived from the imagination of the locals in this region

Động Hương Tích (Huong Tich Grotto)

After the boat ride along the stream and visiting the initial ancient pagodas from the riverbank, visitors would climb up hundreds of stone steps, and then down 120 stone steps to Huong Tich Grotto, literally meaning “traces of fragrance”. In the 18th century, Lord Trinh Sam gave the grotto 5 words, “Nam Thien De Nhat Dong” meaning, “the most beautiful grotto under the Southern sky”, carved onto the granite slab at the entrance to Huong Tich grotto. According to legend, the cave was discovered two thousand years ago.

There are many colorful stalagmites and stalactites within the cave. Each is given a name for their purported features. Some of the more famous ones are Cay Gao – Rice Stick, Cay Vang – Golden Stick, Nui Co – the Maiden and Nui Cau – the Youth.

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in Northeastern Vietnam, 320KM from Hanoi. Ha Giang is a multi-ethnic province with H’Mong accounts for 32% total population, Tay (23.3%), Dao (15.1%), Viet (13.3%) and Nung (9.9%), etc. For those who are interested in natural landscapes and ethnic culture, a Ha Giang tour includes exciting sightseeing, trekking and hiking activities.

Dong Van stone highland

The Dong Van plateau was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the 77 geological parks in the world and the second in Southeast Asia on October 3, 2010. The park covers four districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba, totaling over 2,, with nearly 250,000 residents. Up to 80 percent of the plateau is covered by limestone.

Dong Van Stone Highland - March in Vietnam
Dong Van Stone Highland

Scientists have discovered 40 locations which have special values in terms of natural resources in Dong Van. Dong Van is home to nearly 20 ethnic groups, with diverse cultures and traditions, which make the plateau an interesting destination for tourists/visitors.

H’mong King Palace

H’Mong King Palace - Ha Giang Travel Guide
H’Mong King Palace

Often dubbed Vua Meo (king of H’mong), the palace’s official name is Vuong Chinh Sinh. The Hmong king ruled over a vast territory from Dong Van Plateau to Meo Vac Town. During his reign, the charismatic king attracted a lot of attention when he and other Meo residents joined forces with Ho Chi Minh to gain national freedom.

Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower - Ha Giang Travel Guide
Lung Cu Flag Tower

The flag tower is built on the top of Dragon mountain, 1,700m above the sea level. Lung Cu commune is the Northernmost point of Vietnam, 170 km north from Ha Giang capital city. The Flag tower was build during XI century and originally made of wood marijuana plants. Lung Cu flag tower has a long history, going through repeated reconstruction and renovation. The new octagonal mast height of 30m was inaugurated on September 2010.

Further to the Central of Vietnam, the weather is getting warmer and travelers are advised to visit Hue city and some days relax in Hoian Ancient town or nearby Cua Dai beach.

March is the dry season in the South. A Mekong Delta day trip and tour to Phu Quoc island can be considered for your itinerary.

Best Vietnam tours if you travel to Vietnam in March:

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